Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Goons

Yeah, I'm a fan of the Goons.

To some that makes me an instant old fogie. That's thought to be a bad thing.

To others it makes me an honourary old fogie. That's thought to be a good thing.

To still others it just makes me a complete bore, because anything they say I can immediately follow with "And a merry needle nardle noo to you too" and they have no idea what I mean.

If you, dear listener, are interested in the goons the chances are there's nothing I can tell you in the way of lines to or anything like that so I won't bother.

But it does rather look as if BitTorrent is the Place to Be for anyone with an MP3 player. /me decides to spend a LOT of time there some time soon...

Also, Audacity is a great tool for extracting clips. My phone is full of things like this:

Yes, the Lost Year, the greatest motion picture of all time! You will want to see this film the moment you see the "X" certificate! Made at a cost of $33 billion and filmed on the very spot in Spain Madrid Africa Jersey Guernsey and Socks! A cast of thousands, ten years in the making!
See handsome midget Harry Secombe with the signing voice of Mario Lanser, and the body of Owen Bowles! See the voluptuous Minnie Bannister dance the sensuous, sinful Knees Up Mother Brown! See the famous Eccles in his greatest role to date - his only role to date! See it all on the new insanitary stethoscope four-sided screen, made in glorious three-dimensional hysterical gorilla colour, with the new explodable multi-gringe sound process!
You saw them in 'Dustbins at Dawn' - you saw 'The Son of Lassie's Owner' - you saw 'They Died with their Boots Reversed'. Then see them in 'The Lost Year' and prove you're still an idiot when it comes to pictures!

Just one thing more - there ARE young goonatics around. In the cast of my recent "Pirates of Penzance" I was amazed to find THREE very attractive female goonatics under the age of 25. Happy times.

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