Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Angelico Austrian Adventure - Brunei

Brunei Darussalam airport is currently under renovation, so there's very few power points around. Midga eventually finds one a long way from any kind of seating, which is a pain because Asha is sore and doesn't feel like sitting in the floor. I have one hour to absorb as much power as I can. Shame I can't harness the power of the security x-ray...

There's also no WiFi, which is a bit of a pain, but ah well. We have a stop at Dubai before we get to London so we'll try again there.

Our approach was excellent, I was expecting some humidity related turbulance but there really wasn't anything to speak of. The pilot put the nose wheel down so gently I hardly felt it, and the main wheels weren't bad either. Disembarking was the usual slow process, I wish business class pax could be as prepared as we always are.

Asha is sitting on a massage chair trying to get rid of some of her aches and pains. And playing games on her phone of course - she was able to charge it using a USB port on the in-flight entertainment unit on the plane. Incidentally, apart from the lack of power points they also had very poor touch screens. Fortunately the software problems we usually see on Emirates 777s were just not there - response was fairly quick and all the functions just worked as expected.

A lady just came up to "our" power point and tried to plug an American phone charger into a British power point. It didn't really work. Midga offered her a USB cable to charge off my port, and then another passenger offered her a British USB charger from his iPad. Comradeship is born out of alliance in pursuit of a common goal, and the goal of recovering from a 5% battery charge and getting onto Facebook is one of the most common in the world.

In closing I will just give a shout-out to the power points that were located very conveniently near our departure gate, but were very inconveniently not working:

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