Monday, August 1, 2011

A Buxton Blog - 30-31/7, an idle weekend

Nothing much happened this weekend, except that I was struck with a batter pudding.

Chris has covered the show in his own interminable manner. I was smitten with the dreaded lurgi with heatstroke on top of it, which I thought was an impossible combination, but there you go.

We went to church at the Buxton Methodists, the ones we went to last time and the ones that host the Sullivan service which is listed as part of the festival programme. To be honest I don't think we'll go there again next week - they seem to have been overrun with social gospel theology in the last two years, which is very disappointing. What's worse is that there are a lot more people there now than there were last time we attended... what does that say about people's itching ears?

In choosing another church Chris suggests we use my rule about bakeries and restaurants - don't try one without a personal recommendation. And we're unlikely to get that here. What to do?

This arvo we sat down together and nutted out a problem with the wireless router. Until now David and I had been using our 3G connections for everything, and it's temperamental, to say the least. So we set up a high level cache on Traal and now all three of us have access via the wired network, which has high bandwidth, low latency and unlimited traffic. Phew!

Agenda for tonight... festival club! Looking forward to it. I was too sick to go last night so I didn't get to meet everyone, that's a pleasure yet awaiting me. Tomorrow I go to Cambridge to meet Charli and share her joy at being selected for a course there including a part time paid teaching position. Long train ride FTW!

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