Friday, July 29, 2011

A Buxton Blog - 29/7, first day

I woke up this morning at quite a reasonable hour and headed to Aldi for some essentials. Over breakfast Chris and I tried to get the wifi working but they've gone and disabled NAT so's UK operation is scuppered. Damn it.

David and I have just come back from the Vodafone shop, where Christian and Hannah gave us excellent service in the very best Midga tradition. Getting overseas phones to connect to 3G services is tricky but they kept at it and eventually got us going. Hooray! It took a couple of hours, for which glowing emails will be sent to their head office.

And now I have nothing (much) to do. I guess the thing to do is show David round town so he can't get lost, settle some rosters for shopping, cleaning up, cooking, etc and catch up on what the rest of the world has done for the last 48 hours.


David said...

Any chance of wokring out how hard it'd be to fit permanent vestibules to our Sprinter fleet, based on how they've done it in the UK?

Michael Angelico said...

Our Sprinters have permanent vestibules don't they?

In any case, it's just an interior mod, it'll be just as easy as the doorway mods they made in the refurb Comengs.