Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buxton bound!

Those of you who keep an eye on Facebook will have seen the news. Those of you who can read will know what it means. Yes folks, the Angelico invasion of the International G&S Festival in Buxton UK is on again - this time with 50% MORE!

It's true - me, Chris and David are right now heading towards Southern Cross Station to pick up a Skybus for Tullamarine. From there an Emirates 777-300ER will wing us to Manchester Airport.

So - only a few more hours in Australia. Australia, land of bumpy rails and low service frequencies (Skybus excepted). Land where peace and joy had birth. I still call Australia home and always will - but Buxton is a great place to be for a month. Excitement is building. Watch this space.

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Talldad said...

Missed some grammar:
"Chris, David and I..."