Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buxton Blog - 28/7 - Dubai Airport

Here we are again folks, and once more (thankfully) able to reach via free wifi. Go Dubai. Well actually, it's sponsored by the Hilton Hotel, you know, the ones that charge for wifi at their own hotels. So it seems if you pay to be there, you pay for the wifi, but if you're there for free, so's the connection. Must remember that.

So, on takeoff from KLIA the first thing we noticed was that the row ahead of us was crowded with screaming kids. Groans, this is going to be a long flight. Thankfully they settled down somewhat.

The captain warned us that the weather in Dubai would be "even hotter" than in KL - maybe up to 40 degrees. Now that we're here it's 42. After 8C on the weather clock next to the Tullamarine Freeway I could stand 42 degrees for quite some time before it got too much for me, despite having dressed for cold weather.

The flight itself was rough in places - I was reminded of the little old lady who asked the hostie to "tell the captain to stop turning the seat belt light on - every time he does it the ride gets bumpy!"

It was quite rough on approach to landing too - but we got as close to a perfect three point landing as I've ever had. Come to think of it the landing at KL was pretty smooth too.

On landing David tried to count the Emirates tails lined up at the terminal. As with my attempt in 2007, he was not successful. I'll say it again - this place is HUGE. The shopping centre hasn't changed much, but unfortunately the plane spotting has - they've put a sort of shade screen over the windows and the camera focuses on it instead of on the planes. Grrr. Ah well, no doubt it keeps the temperature in here habitable.

Now it's time to board so I'll drink my water bottle and go off wifi again. Next stop, Manchester.

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