Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Angelico Anglo-Austrian Adventure - Arriving again in Australia

Flying in a 787 is much less stressful than any other affordable option. There were no complains about ears popping, air conditioning dessicating or tiny windows inducing claustrophobia. But humans aren't designed to sit in one position for eight hours, and movies are of limited value as a form of entertainment.

Our stopover in Dubai was very brief - straight off and straight on again. Midga is getting a runny nose, if he's not well enough to go to work on Monday that's going to look a bit suspicious!

Brunei is still under refurbishment. Seeking drinking water Midga goes first to the shops, and then to the toilets. Both prove fruitless - the shops only sell hot drinks (at exorbitant prices, even by airport standards) and the toilets are in a state of cleanliness somewhere between Blackburn and Flinders Street.

We got the same plane (but a new crew) for the last leg to Tulla. We're in the aisle and middle seats of the starboard side of the plane this time, not the middle section, so we can watch the passenger next to us play with the window dimming control. Pity it's dark out. Hopefully there's an early dawn.

Midga and I get in a good game of OpenTTD during the flight but there's no in-seat power so that only lasts as long as my battery. At the end of my tether it's still dark outside, but we're passing over generally familiar territory. The maps on the in-flight entertainment units have a really weird way of choosing which cities to show, so Midga has a bit of fun working out where we are in relation to (say) Mildura when the only towns shown are Adelaide and Donald.

We start our descent between Seymour and Shepparton, and on the way down Midga could pinpoint Craigieburn, Caroline Springs, the city, Highpoint and Essendon. The landing is one of the best we've had so far and then it's a quick run on the Skybus and we just walk across the street to get home!

Once again ladies and gents it's been a pleasure to be your correspondent on the spot. Please wish Midga and Asha a smooth transition to normal life (for various definitions of normal) and many pleasant honeymoon memories.

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