Monday, January 5, 2015

How to fix up Flinders Street

Cross-posted from "A World Class Transport System for Victoria", which I've been working on since 2008 or so and which has been about three years from completion over most of that time.

It's all in stuttered point form because that's the way I like to write. Laconic. Terse. To the point.

Heritage restoration

Dismantle clock tower, domes, platform canopies and ironwork, main entrance clocks and interior pressed metal fittings. Completely restore them and document any details lost from the original plans. Demolish existing building, platform structures, concourse and underpasses, including main Elizabeth Street sewer, and build new facilities to modern building codes, with equivalent function (but higher capacity), in approximately the same location as today’s.

Transit oriented development

Build three storey transit oriented development covering entire station area (St Kilda Road to Elizabeth Street, Flinders Street to Yarra River walk track). Replicate the original facade and apply restored interior fittings to the new structure, with replicas to make up additional quantity. Space allocation:
  • G (Elizabeth Street level): platform access only, with replica cellars along Flinders Street, designed for use as service-industry retail outlets
  • G1 (St Kilda Road level): station concourse (see below)
  • 1: Retail development, with food court along south side incorporating panoramic windows overlooking Yarra River
  • 2: Commercial office space
  • 3: Residential development
  • Roof: Recreation lawn and swimming pool
  • Main dome: Public event space
  • Clock tower: luxury hotel suites incorporating self-guided technology museum of station clocks

Main entrance and concourse (“Under the Clocks”)

Build fast food outlets around perimeter of concourse to avoid impeding passenger flow.

Elizabeth Street entrance and underpass, including Sir Robert Risson tram terminus

Build walkway 20m wide with DDA-compliant ramps to platform level. Apply PIDS screens on walls to avoid hanging signs, thus reducing requirement for depth. Build two platform tram terminus in underpass, for better interchange with heavy rail services. Fence off 4m wide section on west side of tram terminus for bike track connecting Yarra River with Flinders Street.

Degraves Street entrance and underpass
  • Build walkway 10m wide with stairs to platform level (DDA compliance is not required as the Elizabeth Street subway and main concourse will be sufficient for mobility-impaired passengers).
  • Apply PIDS screens as per Elizabeth Street underpass
  • Add another exit for direct access to the tram stop on Flinders Street

Main Platforms

Build DDA compliant platforms and apply heritage platform fittings, using replicas for any of the originals deemed impossible to restore. Platform 1 will be in approximately the same position as today’s; other platforms will be at different positions due to elimination of middle tracks and increased platform width.
  • Platform 1 (5m wide, 600m long, incorporating current Platform 14): Spare (broad gauge)
  • Platforms 2/3 (10m wide, 160m long): Clifton Hill Group and Burnley Group via City Loop
  • Platforms 4/5 (10m wide, 160m long): Northern Group via City Loop
  • Platforms 6/7 (10m wide, 160m long): Caulfield Group via City Loop; interurban services from Broadmeadows forming services via Caulfield
  • Platforms 8/9 (10m wide, 160m long): reverse of Platform 7; interurban services via Footscray forming services via Ringwood and Epping
  • Platforms 10/11 (9m wide, 160m long): reverse of Platform 9; Sandringham

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