Sunday, August 2, 2009

Clippy's log - page 12

23/7 8:30pm. We're down after a very good landing and are on the way home. Tomorrow - Kentucky!

2am. We've just watched "The Princess Bride" which is a brilliant parody of both romance and action movies. Good fun. Now it's bed time.

24/7 10am. Everyone's up and about, and getting ready to go. Long drive ahead.

4pm. We're here! We've signed in and said hi to everyone, and are waiting for the last few before we go for dinner.

7:30pm. Rileska arrives at last, with kitten in tow! Midga decides to make a proper fool of himself by imitating the kitten's tactics in playing with its toys. Also, by taking heaps of photos!

8pm. Dinner at the Japanese restaurant. It starts fairly well with free refills of soft drinks. It gets even better as the chefs come and cook the food right here at our table - on a sort of barbecue thing built into our table. They put on quite a show too! They start with minor muscle flexing by spinning the utensils around their fingers. Then they spread a clear liquid on the stove and light it - BOOM! Just for fun, nothing to do with the food. It makes a good column of flame. Then the food, and they flex some more muscle by slicing it even faster than Mum does - which general opinion held was not possible within the laws of physics. One slice of onion gets separated into component rings, the rings stacked into a column, filled with oil and lit - it looks like an oversized bunsen burner! After that they just cook the food, but in the same theatrical manner. Great applause when they finish.

11pm. We're back at the hotel and the grog has come out. In 15 minutes we'll start the Murder Arcanus game - the goal of which is to shoot a rubber band at someone without being seen. Midga feels right at home, and teaches the assembled threshers the fear of God by aiming at a sprinkler head from 10m away.

11:45pm. Midga is hit! Felled by a foul blow from behind while his attention was distracted. He then continues drinking until he be full and goes to bed.

25/7 11am. The day has started and the assembled populace are slavering with anticipation of pizza and several games. Midga wins a prize by saying "Foo" when Aristotle says "square root of 16" - and about half a dozen people immediately make him big offers for it!

12:30pm. Midga has to convey "Bonberry" in charades. Epic fail.

2pm. Midga loses another game of Murder Arcanus - this time to Rosuav who hits him as they're in mid-conversation. Bastard. Again Midga doesn't get a chance to shoot.

4pm. It's time for a game of Taboo. Midga jumps at the chance but again it takes a lot of game knowledge so he doesn't do too well. His team wins though so he gets another prize.

6pm. Jodi needs some help with the last touches to her costume. Midga and I come and help. A sheet of mine becomes paper dolls, so I feel all warm and fuzzy.

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