Monday, August 17, 2009

Clippy's log - page 25

The quarter century, and we're not even half way though August!

Incidentally, have you noticed how the day always seems to end just after a page break? Must be something to do with the amount of daylight at these high lattitudes, our A4 paper is used to Australian days.

13/8 11:30pm. Midga decides to go home as he has a headache. A few xkcds and then bed.

14/8 6:53am. Midga wakes up with a migrane. System analysis reveals dehydration as the most probable cause. Three litres of water and a cup of tea later, he's well enough to read emails, El Reg, RSS and Facebook. Then the phone needs recharging. Rosuav is still asleep, but Midga quietly puts Traal's USB port onto the task.

9:30am. Might be worth getting up.

11am. Might be worth going to bed again. Come on Midga, I want to go gunzelling!

1pm. Rosuav comes back from shopping. At last Midga can access the phone which is his only timepiece. Phew, haven't missed Mis(s)-trial by Jury!

3pm. We're here for Mis(s)-trial, and hey, half the cast of Grand Duke are in it! Rosuav is blogging about it in full so I'll just say that it's an amazing reproduction of the audition process, followed by a gender-bent TbJ which works surprisingly well. Another to get the DVD of.

5:20pm. Back home, for dinner and a rest before the Club - pot luck Ruddigore!

10pm. We arrive early and still there's no tables! Then Elise drags us over to her cast table. That means we have to sing! And she introduces us to a charming young lady by the name of Charlotte, who's doing the Festival Iolanthe.

11:45pm. Elise wants a "slave" to carry her bag home so Rosuav obliges. And just as we're saying goodnight she invites us over for dinner tomorrow! Yay!

12:10am. Nothing on tomorrow until late arvo/evening, so the boys do some mixed Android development/Looney Tunes/random research until Jodi signs on to Skype.

2:20am. Jodi signs off and the boys head for bed.

15/8 11am. It's a Saturday morning, there's nothing on. Midga gets out his Locos and Coaching Stock book and notices there's a lot of Hitachi era EMUs still in service, some captive on branch lines for easier gunzelling. A bit of wikiresearch and then a journey planner please - ah thank you Northern Rail. Hey, it CAN be done in a single day from Buxton. Several marathon gunzelling days coming right up!

4pm. Time to get going - Elise wants us over by 5 because she's on duty at 7. The question is, is she the kind of hostess that wants us to bring stuff? No idea. Play it safe and bring a box of Celebrations (as in, give a gift that will last a lunchtime).

5:05pm. We've found the place but Elise is out! So we chat with Charlotte for a bit. When Elise comes in it turns out she's the very best type of hostess - the type that takes you into the kitchen and everyone helps with both the cooking and the chatting. It turns out she's second oldest of seven and knows what it is - which may be one (more) reason she gets on so well with the boys.

7pm. ACK! Time to be gone! Elise gets her stuff ready and we get moving. Ida tonight, should be Rather Good.

7:15pm. Elise starts work and the boys get tickets - or rather, they try. Sold out! They don't want standing room tickets for a three act show, so they decide to hang around in the Pavilion until the club opens.

7:35pm. Might be a good idea to buy tickets for all the rest of the shows, before they go. Three out of six (seven if you count the matinee of Pirates). Good for the festival but a pity not to see the rest of the shows.

8pm. Might visit the portacabin too, and get the first installment of DVDs. £200 or so goes onto Midga's Visa card... all these shows are so good!

10:30pm. The crowds pour in, full of comments about the show! It's one not to miss, but we didn't have a choice... Elise has so much to say about it she has to write it down to avoid interrupting the cabaret. Incidentally the songs are a cut above average, though Midga still doesn't bother videoing it. Poor camera, it hasn't had a good run since the DR of Grand Duke!

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