Monday, August 31, 2009

Clippy's log - page 44

Good morning again readers, this is the last post I'll be making on Midga's blog. Thanks for reading, don't forget to comment!

BTW for any new readers, I realise Blogger is putting these up in the wrong order for you. The place to start is at the beginning.

30/8 8:10am. We've climbed above the cloud layer and the sun is bright!

8:21am. The Australian government warnings about quarantine etc go on for ages! If I was a first time visitor that would put me off.

11:38am. The captain has just made his landing announcement. Time to switch timezone at last. 9:38am it is! No land yet visible out the window.

9:43am. Land!!! Looks like Wilsons Prom.

9:54am. Just sighted Dandenong Road and Waverley Park - and then into cloud again.

10:01am. There's a six-car Siemens in Broady yard!

10:27am. Landed and waiting for luggage. Immigration have a new system using facial recognition software and the chip in the passport. Cool stuff.

10:58am. Boarded Skybus. Good to see the Volgren logo again.

11:10am. Skybus departs on time. And 10min to the next one - on Sunday.

11:30am. Hello Southern Cross! Hello Dudley Street depot and the As and Ps!

11:39am. Hello Comeng!

11:43am. Hello Flinders Street! Thanks Comeng, enjoy a spurt of 115km/h to Werribee.

11:49am. Yes, we're even happy to see you Siemens! You'll get us home - and you're one of us even if you're not a patch on a Hitachi.

11:56am. Sighs... they still haven't fixed the silly practice of using the centre tracks SYR-CFD on weekends.

12:10pm. Nearing Oakleigh, where the family will pick us up. The trip is over, we're home! This is Clippy signing off. It's been great, and it's even greater to be home. Thanks Midga for hosting my log of the trip, and for being my extra eyes and ears on occasion. Thanks for the music. And of course the gunzelling. Back to Ventura buses - until Smart Passengers sends us interstate next year.


Thank you ladies and gentlemen, a big hand for Clippy!

For those that came in late, this was Clippy's log of mine and Chris's trip to the USA and UK. Start at the beginning and skip over the bits you aren't interested in.

And now, back to normal programming.

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