Monday, August 10, 2009

Clippy's log - page 21

6/8 2:30pm. Elise always puts on a good show. She's very natural and conversational, and includes the audience in her singing whenever possible. This year it's about time signatures - the use of 3/4 time to create various different moods. The more we look into Sullivan's music the more obvious it is that he was a complete genius. And of course Gilbert backed him to the hilt by writing words that scan perfectly - no mean feat.

4pm. Elise needs to check emails so Traal offers his services. A long, fun conversation ensues between emails (and walking).

6:30pm. Elise needs to be at the theatre, she's on duty! The boys go with her, but Midga comes back soon afterwards for dinner and emails.

10pm. Festival club time. Another community sing-through of Iolanthe. It's great fun to be in the midst of such a number of complete GaSbags - a chorus of 50 sounds so much better than a chorus of 8.

11:55pm. Home. Rehearsal tomorrow. Yes, it's tough being involved with a Savoynet show, but it's fun.

7/8 8am. Can you guess?

9:10am. It's getting quite routine. Today is slightly different though, Angie has seconded us to Claire Little's props regiment. We have to pick up a car loadd of stuff from the Paxton and bring it over. I can't do much in that way so I stay with Angie in case of any t-shirt sales.

12:30pm. Uh-oh! In the middle of a blocking session one of the can-can dancers suddenly collapses of the floor, clutching her ankle. The director calls for a packet of frozen peas, and there being none on the premises, Angie asks Midga to take a jog to the shops. By the time he gets back (badly out of breath, it's a while since he was doing paper round) things are basically under control. Angie drives the patient to a hospital for a check-up and rehearsal goes on, with Claire standing in as a placeholder.

2:30pm. Angie returns with news that there's no permanent damage, and that dancing next Wednesday will be fine as long as there's no strain in rehearsal before that.

5pm. The end of another very productive day. Gary is still making positive comments although he's keeping a lid on the mood by reminding the cast that there's only a few more days for blocking before we have to be running. But he finishes with "Everybody raise your right hand. Now put it on your left shoulder. Now pat yourself on the back, you've done very well today."

5:15pm. We have two hours before group photo and dinner. The boys settle down to read emails.

7:55pm. Wakey wakey! You've missed the group photo and it's nearly dinner time! Walk the streets of Buxton looking for a Chinese restaurant - thank goodness for John popping out to navigate us. Good fun conversation as usual.

10:30pm. Festival club - a pot luck Patience. We get there a bit later than usual, and share a table. She doesn't seem to know Patience but likes the boys' singing.

12:30am. Wow, Patience with full dialogue takes a while. Rehearsal tomorrow and it's late. But it was good to hear the authorized version instead of Gasvic's modified one with the Duke's song at the end.

12:40am. Walking home there's a bunch of tipsy young people at the Route 199 bus stop. Midga starts to just walk by but one of them gives him a perfect opening for a joke. Somehow they think all Australians are like Steve "Crikey" Irwin so we hang around to cure them of that notion.

1:20am. Home to bed, at last.

8/8. Usual start to a day. Then Jenna SMS's to say she and Gerry are coming to visit - woohoo!

1pm. Their train is due in so Rosuav goes to the station to navigate them around Buxton. Midga is forging Pfenning-Halfpennig money so he stays to finish the job.

1:50pm. Rosuav, Jenna and Gerry arrive at Trinity so we all go for lunch. Somehow they have managed to visit a chocolatier on the way... mysterious.

6:14pm. We've had a great afternoon out - chatting, riding the miniature train in the Pavilion Gardens, more chatting and more cafes. They can't stay for the show as there isn't a late train to get them home, so we take them to the station with two minutes before the next service. Hope you can make it to a show next time!

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talldad said...

"7:55pm. Wakey wakey! You've missed the group photo and it's nearly dinner time! "

Hey! That's not fair. We parents miss out on bragging about our sons in Buxton.

All we have now is hearsay, which is not evidence, you see...